Being a Responsible Adult

Cross et

by Fr. Stephen Supica

Wisdom. Let us attend.

At the beginning of Great Lent – on the two Saturdays before Lent begins, and the first Saturday of the Fast – we have special Memorial Services for all our departed loved ones, indeed, for all those

“from the beginning of time, from one end of the earth to the other…”

As we enter into Lent, it is a good time to remember our departed – and our own departure.

We’ve had two people die in the past month in the Tri-Cities – both without any warning, symptoms, or time to prepare themselves or their families. Neither of them had I ever seen in church. Trust me – meeting someone for the first time when they’re horizontal in their casket is not one of the more positive parts of pastoral ministry. To know that someone has deprived themselves of the Church’s worship, of the blessings of the Divine Liturgy, and of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ which He offers to us in Holy Communion … that’s a painful thing.

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