Orthodox Priest Brutally Gunned Down in Kiev


An Orthodox priest in Kiev is in a critical condition after being shot twice in the head Saturday night, Ukrainian and Russian media report.

Roman Nikolaev, a priest in the Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was shot outside his home in northern Kiev late on Saturday night, and is listed in critical condition.

A spokesman for the Church told Russian news radio service RSN that Nikolaev was found by a neighbor on the stairway of his apartment building, is in critical condition, and “cannot give any evidence” as to the identity of his assailants.

The spokesman noted that in his opinion, the attack, committed by two unknown men, was unlikely to have been connected to Nikolaev’s work.

“The attack did not take place in a temple. Nikolaev served as the parish priest of a church which I believe has not yet been completed. He was ordained a priest two years ago.”

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