The #1 Reason Teens Keep The Faith


by David Briggs

Parents set a kind of glass ceiling of religious commitment, above which their children rarely rise. In other words, it is the parents who need to be trained better.

The holy grail for helping youth remain religiously active as young adults has been at home all along: parents.

Mothers and fathers who practice what they preach and preach what they practice are far and away the major influence related to adolescents keeping the faith into their 20s, according to new findings from a landmark study of youth and religion.  [Continue reading]

Statement on the Comments of Fr. Robert Arida on Homosexuality

Houston clergy

by the Brotherhood of the Orthodox Clergy Association of Houston and SE Texas In response to Fr. Robert Arida’s recent article, which was posted on the OCA’s Wonder blog, there have been many eloquent rebuttals.  We do not wish to attempt to … [Continue reading]